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If you are wondering where to buy a bong then I strongly recommend you click the banner above, it will take you over to the best online bong shop; HerbTools. They have the cheapest shipping prices with same day dispatch on any of the thousands of water bongs they have in stock. They have all the crazy bongs for sale that you could imagine. Whether you want to buy a herb bong or a really cool glass bong, you will find what you require over at there online headshop.

Where to buy bongs and glass water pipes for smoking

When you buy a bong online you need to make sure of multiple issues. You need to make sure the bong you are buying is of high quality and will function correctly. You need to make sure that the order will be shipped out same day to ensure it is with you quickly. For these highly important reasons I suggest you go over to HerbTools.com and make use of their fast shipping times and cheap high quality bongs Australia. HerbTools have been in the business selling plastic and glass bongs since 2012 and have built a highly reputable name is the headshop industry.

So along with your new bong you might want to accessorize with unique bowls or additional water chambers known as precoolers. The awesome thing about the HerbTools Online Headshop is that they list all the sizes of the bongs joints, allowing you to easily pick a new bowl or precooler for it. I once went to buy a percolator bong from them and splashed out some extra cash on a percolator precooler to go with it, I still take hits from that baby today. The difference it makes to the smoke is really something else, never coughed when using that glass pipe once. Remember you can throw in some ice cubes for a real frosty sensation!

Should you buy a percolator bong or a normal cheap plastic bong?

Like I said above, there really is nothing like the sensation a percolator bong will deliver, but that doesn't mean that the classic, straight bongs are out of the question. I myself have a collection of all types of bongs that you can find for sale, I have a pink bong, a pokemon bong and all sorts of crazy cool bongs. I do tend to get bored of using the same one, so buying a few different types of bongs really helps to keep smoking sessions fun for me.

Now, I have had plenty of good plastic bongs for cheap in Australia, so don't let the lack of percolator put you off. As I said, having different bongs to use can be really fun and for the price of a high quality branded glass bong you could get several cheap plastic bongs. It all depends on your budget and preference, every bong has something special in my eyes. With branded glass bongs the quality tends to always be better, things such as thick glass really helps prolong the water pipes life. With plastic bongs for smoking branded ones are again normally better quality, but not so much because they have a thicker plastic. Normally it is things such as having a rubber mouth piece and quality stand.

Best Bongs for Sale

The best bongs for sale are undoubtedly by the brand 'DankDust'. They always come with a thick glass wall and a sturdy build throughout. There are plenty of other branded bongs for sale out there too though, the great thing about HerbTools.com is that they quality test every product before putting it up for sale. So you can trust that any product shown on their online headshop will be professionally made, which means it will last you long in to the future. One of the things I love about these guys is their friendly customer support team, if you have any questions I recommend that you simply ask them, they are always quick to recommend the best option for your smoking needs. It can get a little confusing when trying to modify your bong with precoolers and bowls due to the different glass joints size, so don't be afraid to ask for help!